What is housing discrimination?

Housing discrimination comes in many forms and is often subtle. Some signs of possible discrimination include:

         -   A refusal to sell, rent, or show available housing
         -   Requiring different terms and conditions for identical dwellings, i.e. charging higher rent, security deposit for different tenants
         -   Being told that the dwelling isn’t right for you or your family
         -   Being told that housing isn’t available in an apartment with a “For Rent” sign
         -   Housing advertisements that say “no kids” or “adults only”
         -   A refusal to make a reasonable accommodation or allow a modification to make the dwelling accessible for a person with a disability
         -   Harassment or intimidation
         -   Offering nonstandard and unfavorable terms in the purchase of a home or property insurance
         -   Terms of availability that change between a phone contact and an inperson visit
         -   Being steered to racially segregated neighborhoods during your home search
         -   Excessive or inappropriate questioning upon requesting information about a dwelling

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