Special Event License and Ordinance

A special event is an infrequent occurrence that by its nature may be offered on a one-time or experimental basis.

Special events may include parades, dances, concerts, fairs, parties, traveling shows or exhibits, road races, fireworks display, triathlons, biathlons, decathlons, bicycle races, amplified music and performances.

 Special events shall include:

  1. An event that requires the partial or full closure of a road or street.
  2. An event that will attract 100 or more persons at one time to use the Fred Benson Town Beach or other state- or town-owned property at one time.
  3. A wedding, party, or other event in a residential zone, if the owner knows or has reason to know that the event will attract more than 75 persons or 30 motor vehicles. 

More information on the license application and ordinance can be found here:

Special Event License Application and Ordinance (PDF)