Police Advisory Commission


907.  Police Advisory Commission.

There shall be a Police Advisory Commission of five members, appointed by the Town Council, each to serve for a term of five years, said terms to be so arranged that one term expires each year.  It shall be the responsibility of the commission to meet at least quarterly with the Chief of Police to discuss any challenges faced by the Department and community related to law enforcement and community issues, and to communicate regularly with the Town Manager and the Chief of Police relating to matters pertaining to the Police Department, on the commission’s own initiative or upon requests made of it for advice. 

The Meeting Agendas can be found at this link to the Secretary of State Website Meeting Schedule

The current Commission Members can be found here https://onboard.new-shoreham.com/

Police Commission Input Request

 The Police Advisory Commission would like input from the community.

The Commission has identified a preliminary list of issues of importance and would very much like to hear people’s thoughts and concerns. We would also like to know what other issues should be added to the list and which items the community feels are a priority.

Comments can be written to all of us through our clerk at

PoliceAdvisoryCommission@new-shoreham.com, or communicated to any of us directly. Confidentiality, if requested, will be respected.

We encourage your participation as we try to support the New Shoreham Police Department in addressing the communities concerns. If you previously responded to the survey in November of last year, it is not necessary that you do so again.

The Police Advisory Commission

Here is our list of concerns and issues to date:

  • Traffic and Roadway Congestion
  • Moped Safety Concerns
  • Other motorized conveyances safety (e-bikes, scooters, Segways, skateboards, ATV’s, quads, Golf Carts etc.)
  • Parking, including commuter lots
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Education and Enforcement of Rules of the Road
  • Preserving Public Health and Safety
  • Alcohol abuse and overserving
  • Drug use and distribution
  • Mental Illness Crisis Response
  • Domestic Violence
  • Underage drinking and destination parties
  • Littering, vandalism, graffiti
  • Homelessness, camping, sleeping on beaches