Dog License Application

Dog License Form   

                                                           Public Notice Reminder: Dog Licenses


  • All dog licenses expire on April 30th
  • Dog owners are required to renew dog licenses annually by May 1.
  • New licenses are available at any time for puppies over six (6) months and dog owners who move here.  No license shall be required for any puppy under the age of six (6) months.  


                                                              To renew your dog’s license:

Bring in or mail the information required (below), to Town Clerk’s Office, PO Box 220, Block Island, RI 02807 (with a self-addressed stamped envelope.)  We will return the rabies certificate to you along with the new dog license, O-ring and tag via US Mail.


                                                   Required information:

  • Owner’s name, fire number with the street name, mailing address (including town, state and zip code), telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Dog’s name, breed, and color
  • Current Rabies Vaccination Certificate (including Vet’s name and phone number)
  • $6.00 Check made out to the Town of New Shoreham
  1. Self-addressed stamped envelope

Click Below for the Application

 Dog License Application