Land Trust Forms and Filing Requirements

Block Island Land Trust forms, which are available below and may be completed online, must be recorded with every deed, including easements.  

When completing online, use the mouse or TAB key to navigate through the form fields and the space bar or mouse click to activate check boxes.  You will not be able save a completed copy of the form, so please complete the form and print it, or print a blank form to be completed later. All forms must be submitted with original signatures. Completed, signed forms must accompany the deed(s) to be recorded and must be mailed or hand delivered, along with the appropriate recording fees and applicable Land Trust fee, to

Town Clerk
Town of New Shoreham
PO Drawer 220
Block Island RI 02807

Questions regarding recording fees should be directed to the Town Clerk's office at 401-466-3200.

If a Land Trust transfer fee is due, a bank, certified, or attorney's check, or cash, in the amount of the transfer fee made out to "Block Island Land Trust," and separate from recording fees, must be included. The transfer fee is 3% of the purchase price. The transfer fee for timeshare transactions is based on 1/4 of the purchase price.