Safety Reminders

Fire Numbers

Make sure your fire number is plainly visible from the street at night. You should display it near the street where fire and emergency vehicles will arrive. If your road forks after it leaves the main road, post another fire number at the fork.

Fire Truck Entry to Your Property

At a minimum, fire vehicles require 12 feet side to side and 13 feet clearance above. Make sure the brush on either side of your drive is cut back. If you have questions, call the Department.

Renting Your Home

make sure the name of your house, your address, and fire number is posted in plain view, and that the locations of fire extinguishers in your house are known.

Wear a Helmet

Protect yourself and your family! Wear a helmet! Falls can lead to serious head injury, which may necessitate emergency transfer to the mainland for further evaluation. Wearing your helmet can help protect you from such potentially catastrophic events. Whether you are on a moped or bicycle…please wear your helmet!