Southeast Lighthouse

The Southeast Light is a lighthouse located on Mohegan Bluffs at the southeast corner of the island. It was designated as a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1997 as one of the most architecturally sophisticated lighthouses built in the United States in the 19th Century.

The lighthouse and gift shop are open to the public during the summer. The grounds of the lighthouse, with sweeping views of the bluffs and the Wind Farm, are open year round.


The lighthouse was built in 1874 and has a 52-foot brick and granite tower. The red brick lighthouse is equipped with a first order Fresnel lens.

When the lighthouse was originally built, three hundred feet of land lay between it and the edge of the bluffs and the ocean. Over the next hundred years the bluff eroded to within seventy five feet of the light. A boulder close to the bluffs marks the lighthouse's original location.


In 1983 the Block Island Southeast Light Foundation was formed to save the light. The only way to do this was to move the structure. It took nearly ten years to raise the funds.

On August 13, 1993, the lighthouse began its nearly three hundred foot move inland. It took nineteen days to move it to its new location.

The beacon was re-lit on August 27, 1994.

Access Note

Due to further restoration work on the structure, interior access will be limited in 2019.