North Light

The North Light Commission was established by the Town Council on December 30, 1974 to oversee the North Light. "The Commission shall have the responsibility for management, maintenance and use of the North Light house and grounds subject to approval by the Town Council".

Please note that the North Light museum is currently closed this season.

A Brief History of the North Light

After three lighthouses were lost at the north end of Block Island within 38 years, the Lighthouse Bureau set about in 1867 to build the fourth light, the one we see today. It cost $15,000, was solidly built of huge, imported stone blocks. It is the prototype for five sister lights, three in Connecticut and two in New York.

The North Light has stood for over 150 years performing its duty. The builders of 1867 finally found the appropriate site. The North Light still performs for us. It conducts a symphony for our vision - looming when you stand near, and at a distance, discretely poking its iron tower above the dunes.

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On the evening of October 23, 2010, the Town of New Shoreham and the North Light Commission marked the culmination of the tower and roof restoration with a relighting ceremony under a full moon. 

The project was brought to fruition through a number of funding sources have allowed the North Light Commission to continue restoration efforts:

  • Grants from the State Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission
  • Rhode Island Department of Transportation
  • Bonding from the Town and considerable fundraising and private donations, 
  • As well as the labor of many volunteers

The 1st floor has been renovated and is open to the public as a maritime museum. There is no tower access.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit the North Light. It is a half mile walk on a rocky beach at the end of Corn Neck Road.