Victualing License

Any person who operates a restaurant, bakery shop, coffee shop, oyster house or victualing house within the town must annually obtain a victualing license from the Town Clerk's office. 

Establishments must be in compliance with local zoning ordinances, the State building code, and fire code regulations. In addition, a valid FSV (Food Service) license is required; no establishment may operate until it has been annually inspected and approved by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Wash Room

Town ordinances require that a wash room be provided for patrons as a condition of the license. If a wash room is not located within the establishment, the owner must provide either:

  • A portion of the lease agreement or a statement from the landlord granting permission for the use of a wash room on the premise
  • Proof that the establishment held a victualing license prior to 1989. If there is no record of a 1989 license the establishment owner can apply to the building official for a zoning certificate to establish prior existing use.

License Expiration

Victualing licenses expire annually on December 1st.


  • $100 for any establishment serving liquor
  • $50 for resident applications without liquor service
  • $125 for non-resident applicants without liquor service.

Victualing License

Victualing License Application

Victualing License Supporting Documents