New Shoreham Commission on Motor Vehicles for Hire

The New Shoreham Commission on Motor Vehicles for Hire (MVFH) consists of five members who advise the Town Council on issues surrounding motor vehicles for hire, defined as taxis, limousines and charter buses. The MVFH meets once a month, except July and August; it also meets on an as-needed basis. The commission consists of two licensees (taxi, limousine or bus owner, and/or chauffeur), two members who are not licensees, and one member representing the Block Island Chamber of Commerce or New Shoreham Tourism Council.

Taxing Regulations & Rates

The MVFH is charged with drafting taxi regulations and rates and maintaining a list of applicants for new licenses. The MVFH also receives and investigates complaints regarding taxis, limousines and charter buses, and has the authority to suspend a license for violation of regulations.