Apply for a New Shoreham Chauffeur’s License

The Town of New Shoreham licenses all taxis, taxi drivers, buses and limousines operating on Block Island, and licenses all chauffeurs of those motor vehicles.


A Town of New Shoreham chauffeur’s license is required for anyone transporting passengers in a taxi, limousine or charter bus on Block Island, and is issued by the Town Clerk’s office. Each chauffeur’s license application must be signed by a Town of New Shoreham (TNS) taxi owner, who is permitted to have up to three relief drivers on his or her Current Driver List. Once licensed, a chauffeur may drive for any taxi owner. The fee for a TNS chauffeur’s license is $80.

TNS chauffeurs must hold, and present to the Town Clerk’s office, a valid Rhode Island driver’s license with either a chauffeur’s “R” endorsement or a CDL, or hold a valid chauffeur’s license or CDL from another state.

Licensing Year

Town of New Shoreham chauffeur’s licenses are valid from May 15th of the current licensing year to May 15th of the next licensing year. Chauffeur’s licenses must be displayed in the vehicle at all times it is being operated for hire.