New Beverage License Application Procedures

New liquor license applications are accepted only between September 15th and 30th of each year. Please see the New Shoreham Liquor Rules and Regulations (PDF) for more detail.


Please submit the following application documentation to the Clerk's Office: 

  • Liquor license application 
  • Supplemental applications/affidavits (4 pages) 
  • Site plan, showing the property and the building, including: 
    • Delineated areas of liquor service and liquor consumption 
    • Property ownership 
    • Zoning classification 
    • Plat and Lot 
  • Victualling license application (if applicable)
  • Copy of your menu (Class BV, BM or BVL license) 
  • Proof of liability insurance: General liability and liquor liability and property damage coverage in the minimum amount of $300,000 
  • Payment of fees: 
    • $25 application fee 
    • License fee ($1,000 - Class A; $1,500 - Class BVL or BM; or $2,000 - Class BV) $100 Victual fee (if applicable)

Additionally, you must ensure: 

  • The corporation is in good standing with the RI Secretary of State's Office
  • The property is free from Zoning violations 
  • All taxes and user fees have been paid. 
  • Clearance from the Rhode Island Division of Taxation is granted

Liquor Hearing

The liquor hearing is held in November of each year. The hearings are noticed and advertised by the Clerk's Office, with all costs paid by the applicant. All applicants must attend the hearing.