Class F & F1 Beverage License Procedures

Class F & F1 Licenses

  • Are considered "special event" licenses that are not issued on a regular basis.
  • No entity shall be issued more than five licenses in a calendar year
  • Are available to:
    • Religious organizations
    • State non-business corporations
    • Political organizations
  • Are issued for liquor sales on one day only
  • Allow liquor sales for 19 hours, including Sunday, from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.
  • Can make application through letter format to the Board of License Commissioners.
  • Application letter must provide evidence of:
    • Adequate police control
    • Satisfactory sanitary and health facilities on the premises
    • Control procedures to prevent under-age drinking and excessive drinking
  • Do not require notice or advertising


Class F Licenses

  • Allow the sale of beer and wine only
  • Fee is $15.

Class F1 Licenses

  • Allow the sale of beer, wine and liquor
  • Fee is $35