Land Records

New Shoreham's land records date back to 1675 and all records can be viewed at Town Hall. The office keeps permanent records and an index of those records in accordance with state statute. Our records are in paper format up to June 1, 1973. All documents from June 1973 to present can be found on information quick systems (IQS). Here you can search and print from your location the documents you require. SEARCH


The Town Clerk's Office records all deeds, mortgages, liens, releases, etc. pertaining to property located in the Town of New Shoreham on Block Island. Documents to be recorded must be originals or certified copies.

Documents must be received by 2:45 p.m. for same-day recording.

All deeds, including easements, require the filing of Block Island Land Trust forms with the deed. See forms and requirements below.


The Town Clerk's Office does not perform title searches.

Copies of Recorded Documents

Recorded documents are considered public records and copies of these records can be obtained online, through IQS, or in person at the Town Hall.  The cost to copy recorded documents is $1.50 per page, IQS may charge an additional fee. If certified copies are required, the cost of certification is an additional $3 per document.