Block Island Water Company

The Block Island Water Company (BIWC) is located on Sands Pond on the south side of the island. The Island is host to thousands of vacationers in the summer season and has about 1000 year round residents. BIWC serves the commercial district in Old Harbor, which provides almost 50 percent of the island's water demand in July and August with a little over 30 customers.

The Block Island Water Company has been faced with many obstacles because the nature of the island itself. The geology, source, water quality, limited space, swelling population, and isolation all contribute to the daily and long-term challenges.

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  1. Block Island Water Company

    Physical Address
    426 Sands Pond Road
    Block Island, RI 02807

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 998
    Block Island, RI 02807

  2. John Breunig

    Water Superintendent