Historic District Commission

The Town's Historic District Commission serves to protect the island’s unique and historic architecture and identity. 

Historic District Overlay

The Historic District Overlay (H overlay) comprises area and structures of historic and architectural value to the island. It is intended that areas and structures within the H Overlay will be regulated as to construction, alteration, repair, moving, demolition in order to safeguard the heritage of the island.

Guidelines established by the Commission facilitate evaluation applications for new construction, restoration, and rehabilitation within the area on the Island subject to Historic District Zoning.

THE HOME RULE CHARTER OF NEW SHOREHAM adopted by the voters of New Shoreham on March 2, 2021     ARTICLE IX. BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS

904.  Historic District Commission.

There shall be an Historic District Commission for the Town which shall have the responsibility under applicable state law to carry out the provisions and purposes of the historic zoning ordinances of the Town, to receive and act upon applications filed by owners of property within historic districts in the Town, and to assume and discharge such other responsibilities as may be required of it by state law or the ordinances of the Town in conformity with state law.  The Historic District Commission shall consist of not less than three nor more than seven members, along with alternate members, as the Town Council shall determine, said members to be appointed by the First Warden, each to serve for a term of three years, said terms to be so arranged that as nearly as possible an equal number of terms shall expire each year.

  1. Corrie Heinz

    Administrative Assistant

  2. Jennifer Brady

    Zoning Official

Agendas and Minutes

Visit the RI Secretary of State's webpage for meeting Agendas and Minutes and search for "New Shoreham Historic District Commission".

Membership and Contact Information

Membership and Contact Information

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