Town Manager

Welcome to New Shoreham’s new website.

New Shoreham has the distinction of being the smallest town in the smallest state, but one of the biggest tourist draws on the East Coast due to its exceptional beauty and unspoiled coastlines. The municipality encompasses the geographic area of Block Island, an island of just under ten square miles located twelve miles south of mainland Rhode Island in the Atlantic Ocean. Block Island was known as Manisses (the Little God’s Island) by the Narragansett Indians.

If you are looking to visit Block Island, have questions about living here, or simply are looking to get married on the beautiful island, we hope this website will direct you to the proper resources to assist you in answering your many questions.

One can find detailed information regarding the town’s departments including how it sign up for our numerous recreation programs and events, how to purchasing a shellfish license, and even online forms if one is interested in becoming a volunteer EMT or Fire Fighter. We’ve tried to make the site comprehensive, informative, simple to navigate and we will continue to add and edit it on an ongoing basis.

Please take the time to sign up for our Code Red message system which will alert you to all emergency related information and notices. Also, if you would like to receive information via an email address regarding upcoming town meetings please visit our “notify me” widget at the bottom of the home page.

We welcome your feedback and comments regarding our new website and we look forward to making it the best in the state for municipal information.

Maryanne Crawford, CPA
Town Manager


The office of the Town Manager is established pursuant to Article V of the Charter for the Town of New Shoreham. The Town Charter [provide link to Charter] establishes the Town Manager as the Chief Administrative Officer and agent for the Town Council responsible for the execution of its polices and laws and for administration of Town government.

Appointed by a 5-member Town Council, the Town Manager provides professional, transparent, and responsive leadership in administering all affairs of the Town including municipal departments (excluding the School), the enforcement of laws and Ordinances, and preparation of the annual operating and capital improvement budget. Following adoption of the budget by the Town Council, the Town Manager is responsible for its administration and implementation of municipal services, encouraging public engagement, promoting strategic planning and responsible economic development, and seeking to preserve and enhance New Shoreham’s quality of life.

For further details on the Duties and Responsibilities of the Town Manager, please refer to the Town Charter.