Fire & Rescue

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The Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department preserves and protects life and property from fires and provides assistance in medical emergencies. The Department is a nonprofit corporation, 501(c)(3) in the State of Rhode Island. The Fire Department was formed in 1925, and the Rescue Squad in 1950.

911 Emergencies

The dialing of 911 is for emergency use only. An emergency is when immediate police, fire or rescue assistance is necessary. 911 should not be dialed for non-emergency calls that do not involve or require immediate assistance.

However, if you feel there is an emergency occurring, but don’t know for certain, presume it is an emergency and dial 911. Do exactly what the 911 operator tells you to do. Give the operator all necessary information, including the name of the owner of the house and fire number on the house.  


The Department is subsidized by the Town, but we also rely on the generous donations from our community to cover the costs of equipment, maintenance and training. Tax deductible donations are welcomed and acknowledged.  

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